12.5 kilo gold bar | SIPP Pension Approved

12.5 kilo gold bar | SIPP Pension Approved

12.5 kilo gold bullion bar | 400 oz pure gold SIPP and SSAS Pension Approved

12.5 kilo gold bullion bars / 400 oz  full market bars are popular with institutional investors and high net worth individuals, in view of the outstanding buying efficiencies this bar provides. Each certified 12.5 kg gold bullion bar is exceptionally pure, with all bars meeting LBMA specifications of a minimum purity of 99.95% and with many bars being 99.99% pure.


The bars are marked with a serial number, the assay stamp of the refiner, fineness (to four significant figures) and the  year of manufacture.

Buying Process for 12.5 kilo (400oz) Gold Bullion Bar

The buying process of 400oz (12.5 kilo ) bars is different than other gold bullion bar products in that the weight of each bar can vary, with the LBMA specification requiring a minimum gold content of between  350 troy ounces (approximately 10.9 kilograms) and the maximum gold content being 430 troy ounces (approximately 13.4 kilograms). 

When clients indicate what quantity of bars they wish to purchase, we provide a suitable bar list, specifying exact weights (in oz) of bars currently available for sale and quote a margin per oz over the gold London fix price. 

Clients then select which specific bars they wish to purchase, transfer a deposit (equating to 90% of the current price) and then confirm the buying order.  The price is set based on the following London gold fix price, plus the margin already agreed and the balance due is calculated and transferred to GMS by the client, including any bespoke delivery costs (eg Loomis armoured car transportation into the vault or other delivery destination).

The 400 oz bars are then delivered to the client or transported to the vault for storage, depending on client's requirements.

Benefits of our bullion
All our 12.5 kilo gold bullion bars are supplied by LBMA accredited refineries, guaranteeing the purity and maximising the resale value.

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Fineness: 999.9

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Outstanding Secure storage, insurance and delivery services by armoured vehicle is available.

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