Gold Bullion Bars and Coins Prices

Gold Bars and Coins Prices

Each gold bar or coin is sold at a percentage above the gold spot price (in troy ounces), which covers the manufacturing, handling and wholesale cost of each product. In general, this margin decreases as the weight of the product increases. One reason for this is that it generally costs less to manufacture a single 1kg bar, than it does to manufacture ten 100g bars.  The margins also reflect the costs to source the products on the wholesale market, which can vary from time to time especially when stocks for a particular product become scarce.
  • For orders under £ 35,000, check our buy gold page for the exact prices per product.
  • For orders over £ 35,000 we can often offer discounts on our published prices - for more details, contact our customer services team.
  • For orders over £ 500,000 and full market bar orders (12.5 kg) we can broker bespoke rates on the wholesale market - contact us for more details

Best UK prices on 1 Kilo Gold Bar

We undertake regular competitor checks to ensure that we continue to provide the best bullion prices in the UK on 1 kg LBMA gold bars.

Margins above Spot Price - Gold Bars and Coins

The table below shows the margins set per product. Discounts are available on the margins if you are buying in large quantities. Please contact our customer services team for available discounts and bespoke prices.

Silver Bars and Coins Prices

We can offer bespoke rates and discounts for silver bars and coins over £ 35,000. For further details, contact our customer services team.