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Image of Gold Bullion Bars | Buy gold bars | Gold BarGold bullion bars are extremely popular as an investment, as bars generally cost less than coins of the same gold content. Investors generally buy gold bullion as a hedge or safe haven against any economic, political, social, or fiat currency unrest (including investment market declines, burgeoning national debt, currency failure, inflation, war and social unrest).

The gold market is also subject to speculation as other commodities are, especially through the use of futures contracts and derivatives. Gold Bullion is money as shown in its ancient history, its role in the gold standard, the role of gold reserves in central banking, gold's low correlation with other commodity prices, and its pricing in relation to fiat currencies during the financial crisis of 2007 to date.

The term ‘bullion’ applies to far more than just gold bullion. In fact any precious metal, from silver to Aluminium, is known as bullion whilst in bulk form, the form it is most likely to take when being bought or sold on commodity markets. From its raw bullion form, precious metals can be melted and cast into whatever the buyer wishes, be that solid gold ingots, or coins minted for circulation. But even as coins, the key distinction between bullion and money is that bullion’s value will be defined by weight and purity. The more dense the gold bullion bars, the more valuable they are.

Both gold and silver have always been popular as small, medium or large investments, being resistant to inflation and economic downturn alike. And they continue to be popular, albeit traded in new ways. For many people, Gold Made Simple ® create opportunities to buy gold bullion (buy gold bars and coins) in a more preferable way, the simplest and most convenient way there is - online. This way they can still enjoy the best prices, and complete security and peace of mind.

The investment grade bullion we know as ‘gold bullion’ comes predominantly in the form of buying gold bars and coins. Gold jewellery, or alternative gold artifacts, are not considered to be real gold bullion.

While it’s true that many people choose gold bullion (often when they buy gold bars) as an investment when times are tough economically, it’s as a long-term investment that gold really shines, holding and rising in price whatever the financial weather. This is one of the reasons gold tends to stay in families for such long periods of time.

How pure is gold bullion?

Any gold bullion you invest in will be between 22 karats and 24 karats gold.  But don’t forget, it’s not purity that ensures value. Regardless of impurity, if the amount of gold in the gold bullion bars or gold coins is high, it will be valuable. Pricing disregards purity in many respects, as a 1 kilo gold bar will contain the same gold content at 22 karat as it will at 24 karat.

Sometimes purity can be extremely high, as much as 99.9%. The most pure product available on a large scale is the Gold Maple Leaf from Canada which reaches a staggering 99.999% purity.

Interestingly, the crown gold sovereign is among gold bullion coins that do not have the purity or fine-gold weight stated in the surface of the coin, despite being consistent in their composition and well recognized.

The size of the gold bullion coin produced will have repercussive effects on it’s desirability and practicality for distribution. Nowhere is that more clear than the Royal Canadian Mint’s 100kg gold coin, made at 99.999% purity as a way of promoting the new pure one ounce Gold Maple Leaf coins in 2007. Sound like your kind of investment? The market is very limited, as you’ll need well over £ 3 million if you want one. They’ll make one to order for you, but you’ll have to pay a premium on the manufacturing fee too. Fortunately, Gold Made Simple ® have a wide selection of smaller gold bullion bars and gold coins for you to choose from.

What kind of gold bullion do I want?

It’s important before settling into an investment commitment to decide what is the right kind of gold bullion for you. This might sound obvious, but there’s a lot to consider. One-ounce gold rounds are a very popular form of gold bullion, due to how easy they are to buy and sell. Every gold bullion dealer stocks them, so much so that they are often referred to as coins, which of course they are not. One-ounce rounds are issued by many government mints, and have several especially popular designs reflecting that country’s heritage.

You can also buy gold bars. Gold bullion bars come in a wide range of weights including  the following:

Whatever type of gold bullion you choose, it is important you keep your gold secure and free from damage. Scuffs, scratches and marks of any kind will reduce the price, even touching can affect the value. Any gold you buy should be "gem uncirculated", never passed through general circulation, and should be give to you in a robust covering for protection. Plastic covers are common. It might be tempting to hold the bare gold in your hand, or even try to polish it, but it could cost you dearly.

How much should I spend?

We usually advise people to invest as much as they can afford, to still keep a well-balanced and flexible investment portfolio. But prior to investing it is well worth keeping a close eye on the spot price, and finding out predictions from industry insiders as to what it is likely to do. We keep a live feed of the gold bullion spot price going to the Gold Made Simple ® website 24/7, so you know that your buying at the best current price whenever that may be.

As specialists in gold bullion, we can ensure that when you buy gold bullion bars and gold coins you get not just the best value but a wide range of additional services too.

Will my gold hold its value?

Looking after your gold well, helps to maintain its value. When you buy gold bars and coins from Gold Made Simple ®, we offer secure storage which removes the headache of having to store and insure the gold yourself.

If you choose to store your own gold, it’s important you don’t handle or damage the gold in any way. The perfection of the gold bullion, whatever the size, is what gives it the value.

How many different types of gold bars are there?

Gold bars - or ingots - come in lots of different sizes. Gold Made Simple ® can supply you with anything from 1 oz  gold bullion bars, up to a 12.5 kilo gold bar. We also stock a wide variety of gold sovereigns and other gold coins too, with options for delivery or storage.