Gold Bullion Storage and Vaulting Services


Storage Options

In order to eliminate counter-party risk, we store the bullion in the most secure independent bullion vaults available - Loomis International (UK) Ltd , who are the only independent vault in the UK who are accredited by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), the world's leading gold standard.

Individual Storage Boxes Per Client

In addition to your gold bullion bars and coins being fully 'allocated' (which means that each individual bar or coin is owned entirely by you and provides you the option of taking delivery of your bullion at will) your bullion is also fully 'segregated' which means that each individual client's bars and coins are stored in an individual bullion box, protected with a security seal, inside the bullion vault.

Gold Bullion Storage and Insurance Rates - April 2013

Segregated Bars and Coins

  • Gold storage and insurance charge is 0.25% of the gold value per quarter

  • The minimum quarterly charge is £ 22.50

  • Charges are payable quarterly in advance by direct debit.

SIPP/SSAS Pension Gold Bars

  • Gold storage and insurance charge is 0.25% of the gold value per quarter

  • The minimum quarterly charge is £ 75

  • Charges are payable annually in advance

 (all costs above exclude VAT)

Storage Charges Action Required

Allocated Bars and Coins

Complete the Direct Debit Mandate and return to the address on the document. You can download the Direct Debit Mandate by clicking here. 

Charges will be calculated approximately one month prior to the next quarterly billing date (1st January, 1st April, 1st July, 1st October) based on the amount of gold in storage at that time. You will be sent notification of any Direct Debit payment being taken at least 10 days in advance and you will also be able to download an invoice from the notification email for your records.

Secure Storage Facilities - UK and International

Our global account with Loomis International (UK) Ltd ensures we can offer the highest levels of security internationally at the following locations:-

  • London

  • Zurich

  • Hong Kong

  • USA

  • Geneva

These independent professional bullion vault facilities provide the highest levels of physical security and total peace of mind that your investment is totally secure.

Proof Of Ownership / Monthly Audits

You will receive written confirmation of purchase which specifies the number and size of bars / coins together with relevant bar serial numbers and the location of storage.

Monthly independent audit checks confirm the bullion in storage matches our client stock list and the bullion is tested quarterly by specialist independent experts.

We are simply managing your bullion storage on your behalf so you retain full legal title to your bullion and unlike cash in a bank, your gold is fully segregated from other client's bullion and is never loaned out or used as security, which ensures that it is free from 'counterparty' risk (the risk of your asset being exposed to the failure of a company).

Individual Audits on Demand

An individual audit of your stored bullion can be arranged on demand for a fee of £200 ex VAT.  On completion of the audit you will receive written confirmation from Loomis International (UK) Ltd  of the bullion holding including serial numbers if applicable.

Removal of Gold from Storage - on Demand

  • You can request that the bullion is removed from storage and delivered to you at any time.

  • A charge relating to the vault operators handling fee (minimum £ 100 + vat) and delivery fee will be charged.  The delivery charge varies depending on the amount of gold and the destination and if an armoured car is requried, the cost will be considerably higher than if you request delivery at the time you place your order (enabling the gold to be delivered directly from the wholesalers instead of going into storage).