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Gold Made Simple products - Pensions

You can buy physical gold through your pension and receive up to 40% tax relief on your investment. For UK customers - this is usually in the form of SIPP and SSAS pensions.

Our clients choose GMS gold pension accounts because they wish to invest in 'segregated' physical gold bars within a SIPP / SSAS pension, to protect their wealth, avoid counterparty risks associated with 'paper gold' and avoid restricted selling rights associated with 'gold grams'. 

We provide the full range of pension compliant services, including buying, storing and selling the gold. 

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Gold Bars

Gold Made Simple products - Gold Bars

All our gold bars are supplied by LBMA refineries and all bars over 250g have unique serial numbers and are sold to you using real-time pricing, so you can be certain that you are getting true value. When you buy gold bars you can choose secure insured vault storage or insured delivery and we’ll happily buy your gold back at any time.

Our gold bars come in lots of different sizes and we can supply you with a range of bars including 1oz, 100 gold gram bullion bars, up to 1 kilo gold bars and 12.5 kilo bullion bars 

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Gold Coins

We provide Capital Gains Tax free Gold Sovereign's and gold Britannia coins, as well as a range of other gold bullion coins such as  Krugerrand's, Maple Leaf's, and the Australian Gold Nugget Kangaroo.

Gold Coins have the advantage of being available in lower values than gold bars & therefore it is easy to sell part of your gold. Gold coins can be securely stored in insured ViaMat vaults or delivered.

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Full Market Bars

The largest gold bullion bar, the 12.5 kilo gold bullion bar offers the single best value bullion investment available. Each certified 12.5 kilo gold bar is exceptionally pure, and engraved with its unique allocation number, weight, specific gold content and minting details.

Because of the large size and weight of a 12.5 kilo gold bar, even small variations in weight can mean a significant difference in price. Therefore each specific gold bar is weighed and priced separately. The price on our product details page is therefore a guide price for a bar weighing exactly 12.5 kilos.

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Gold Grams

Gold Made Simple products - Gold Grams

Gold grams is a way to own a portion of a gold bar as an alternative to owning entire bars or coins, but without the ability to take physical delivery of the gold.

Clients own a number of grams of gold, which are stored in the form of shared bars, sometimes known as 'pooled gold'. This provides flexibility in being able to buy or sell small quantities, but means that as you do not own any indivdual bars or coins, you can only sell the gold back to the bullion merchant you bought it from and you can not take delivery of your gold, without first converting it into individual bars or coins (at additional cost).