Payment Methods


Pre-fund Your Account

In order that we can accept your order, you must:-
  1. have adequate 'cleared' funds in your GoldMadeSimple account
  2. place your order during UK working hours (9am to 5pm GMT Mon - Fri excluding bank holidays)

In order to ensure you have adequate funds before placing the order, you should pre-fund your GoldMadeSimple cash account by transferring funds by CHAPS or 'faster payment' method from your bank. This can usually be done via your online banking, telephone banking or at your bank branch. We do not accept payment by cheque.

How much Should I Transfer?

If you wish to purchase specific bars or coins, e.g 1 kilo gold bar, we recommend that you transfer an amount equivalent to the current bar price plus 3%, so that once your funds have cleared, you will have enough funds to place the order, even if the gold priced has increased slightly, between the time you started the transfer process and the time the funds cleared our account and your order was placed.

How to Make a Transfer

The instructions on how to make a bank transfer are only available once you have logged in to your account. To access these instructions:-

  1. Register an account with (if you do not already have one)
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Select Making a Bank Transfer from the left hand menu on the Buy Gold page

Payment Options

Once you have completed the Order Request form on the Buy Gold page, you will be offered the following payment options:

  • Funds already in your Gold Made Simple cash account
    This is the recommended payment method and requires that you pre-fund your account by CHAPS or 'faster payment' bank transfer, BEFORE placing your order, as outlined above.
  • Debit card
    You can pay by debit card for gold that will be stored (not delivered). Credit card payments are not currently available.
  • Bank Transfer
    You can make a CHAPS or 'faster payment' same day bank transfer after you have placed an order request, however you accept the risk of the gold price increasing, between the time you request an order and the time your funds clear our bank account. If the price does increase substantially during this period, you will have the option of accepting a new price, or cancelling the order.