Set a Gold Spot Price Alert

Gold Made Simple checks the gold spot price every 10 seconds so you don't have to. All you need to do is set a trigger amount so that we can alert you when the spot gold price reaches that target price. You can select any price above or below the current spot price. The Gold Made Simple spot price alert system can also measure percentage movements from your selected price. Whenever the spot gold price deviates from a set price by your trigger percentage movement, we will alert you. You can select any percentage deviation and also any value deviation. At the moment the trigger alerts will be emailed to you but very soon we will be launching a SMS service so alert you via text message when the Gold spot price makes that change.

Set Currency:

Trigger Price
Enter max AND/OR min

Price Movement
Enter Percentage % AND/OR Amount Reference value Movement

If this is not selected you will only receive alerts once until you reactivate them.


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