Investing between £35k - £500k

Clients investing £ 35k to £ 500k in gold, having more than 1000 grams of gold bullion, will automatically be entitled to our 'Kilo Bar Club' bespoke services which offers discounted rates on all products including gold sovereigns, 1 kilo gold bars and 12.5 kilo gold bars, as well as director level consultancy and bespoke storage and delivery services.

 Gold Made Simple - Investing between £30k - £300k

Access to our directors, ensures that you receive the information to enable you to choose the right products for your particular needs.

Discounts for Large Orders

  • Purchases below £ 100,000 (eg 3 kilo bars or less) view the gold prices and package discounts on our Buy Gold eCommerce page. 

  • Purchases over £ 100,000 (eg over 3 kilo bars) can attract a bespoke discount
  • Gold sovereign Discounts and Gold Brittania Discounts - orders of 500 gold sovereigns and 100 gold Britannias attract a discount on our standard rates, depending on supply.

  • Full Market Bars (12.5 kilo bars)  - are handled by our 'Bespoke Service' team and bespoke discounts can be provided.
- contact us for more details of large order discounts

Storage Facilities

In order to eliminate counter-party risk, we store all our clients bullion in independent London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approved bullion vaults in the UK. The majority of bars 1 kilo or smaller are held by Loomis International (UK) Ltd in London and full market bars (12.5 kilo) can also be held in the Bank of England in London. You will receive a certificate of ownership which specifies the serial numbers of your bars and the location of storage. Delivery of stored bullion can be requested at any time - standard delivery costs will apply. 


We can arrange UK delivery at a cost of £ 32.50 incl VAT for a kilo bar. Rates for full market bars are quoted on a bespoke basis, depending on the exact delivery address details and exact weight of consignment. Delivery of bullion currently in Loomis vaults incur additional removal from storage and delivery costs.

Payment Methods

For gold and silver being kept in our storage vault, payment can be made by by bank transfer or debit card. Credit card payments can be arranged as a bespoke service (a fee applies to credit card transactions). Where bullion is required for delivery, the payment method is by bank transfer only. Where possible, we recommend giving our customer services team 1 days notice of placing orders for £ 300,000+. 

Guaranteed Buy Back

We offer a buy back rate of 98% of the spot price for all bullion kept in our storage, which may increase as high as 99.7% of the spot price, depending on market conditions. For gold taken out of our storage facility, extra costs are incurred when being bought back, to handle the logistics, assay the gold and confirm the purity and condition of the bullion.

Proof of ID

Proof of ID is required - in the form of one piece of photographic evidence (passport of drivers licence) and two utility bills, to prove your address (utility bills, bank statement, credit card statement). Additional documents are required if the purchases are made by a company. 

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Further details are available for help buying gold