Investing £500k +

We have specialist services for institutional investors and high net worth individuals investing over £500,000 in gold which includes:

Gold Made Simple - Investing £1million plus

Our specialist solutions address the key issues of counterparty risk, title, cost, liquidity and price.


In addition to rates on multiple full market bars, as low as 0.1% over spot, we offer a bepoke quotation service with discounts on our standard rates, for bars and coins. For example, for 1 kilo bars, the rate above spot price can be as low as 1.5% and the margin on Capital Gains Tax free sovereigns can be as low as 4.25% for large orders.


I moved my gold holdings of £ 680,000 from an ETF to GoldMadeSimple, to take advantage of their Capital Gains Tax free gold Sovereigns and Britannias and secure storage services. I also wanted to remove counterparty risk by holding physical gold in a known location, with the option of delivery on demand, at any time.

I was very impressed with the levels of security when I inspected my gold at the independent vaults and as my gold had already increased in value by nearly 100% in the 4 years, before I moved to GoldMadeSimple, it is nice to know that any future increases will be free of capital gains tax."

FN (London)

Counterparty Risk

Unlike Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), eGold and paper gold, GoldMadeSimple eliminates counterparty risk, ensuring that your investment is secure in the unlikely event of our company ceasing to trade, by ensuring that you are able to take physical possession of your gold upon demand:

  • We only supply physical allocated LMBA supplied bullion

  • The bullion is segregated per client into physical boxes within the vault

  • The vault is managed by Europe's largest independent LMBA accredited storage provider Loomis International (UK) Ltd 

  • Our auditors and the vault providers have a copy of the bullion list per client identifying the unique bars and serial numbers owned by the client enabling possession to be taken by the client in the event of our company ceasing to trade

  • Clients are able to obtain delivery of their bullion in part of in whole, upon demand

GoldMadeSimple vs ETFs

GoldMadeSimple can provide physical allocated LMBA supplied London good delivery bars for less cost than many ETFs (as low as 0.1%), with our 2012 storage and insurance rates at 0.09% per quarter being lower than many ETFs annual charges of 0.4%, which means that buying bullion through GoldMadeSimple is not only safer by giving you access on demand to your bullion, but also more cost effective than 'paper gold' alternatives.


Once the bullion purchase has been paid for, the legal title for the bullion is transferred to you, which eliminates any counterparty risk and which ensures you can demand delivery of your gold at any time. We can arrange delivery or manage the storage and insurance on your behalf, if you require.