Safeguards for Your Bullion Investment

Security, Safeguards and Peace of Mind

GoldMadeSimple are proud of our reputation in the bullion market and have been recognised by a number of trusted parties:-The Times Article on

  • Invited to appear as experts on BBC TV News

  • Interviewed and featured by national press and publications including:-

    • The Times

    • Observer

    • Express


    • Evening Standard

    • Spears

    • Huffington Post

Gold Audits

We undertake a monthly audit whereby our auditors independently verify the entire customer account list and stock holdings, with Loomis. We  consider it a security risk to publish client account numbers and holdings details, so instead of doing this, we offer the option of independently verifying your holdings with our auditors. In addition, we provide proof of purchase in the form of an invoice.  

Certificate of Ownership

Customers who order over £35k will receive a GoldMadeSimple certificate of ownership which will provide details where applicable of the storage location and unique bar serial numbers.  This together with your invoice provides you with proof of ownership.


Physical Possession  - The Ultimate Security

Your ultimate security - is the knowledge that you can demand delivery of a portion or indeed your entire holdings, at any point. If we were to cease to trade, you still have the same rights to demand delivery, via our auditors and Loomis.

The Most Secure Way to Buy Gold

GoldMadeSimple offers the most secure method of buying gold:-

  • All products are physical gold (not ETFs, paper gold, futures or options)

  • All bars and coins being legally and physically allocated to customers

  • Options for either delivery or storage - both secure & insured

  • Gold in storage can be delivered upon demand

  • Highest level of vault security in LBMA accredited Loomis International (UK) Ltd vaults in London (with options of storage in Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong and USA)

  • Monthly independent gold audit by auditors

  • Quarterly independent vault and gold testing

  • Individual box per customer within the vault Stringent procedures ensure easy access to your gold in the unlikely event of our company ceasing to trade.

Online Security

Security of your account is of the utmost importance to Gold Made Simple ® and we have stringent measures in place to avoid fraud and to safeguard your interests. To stop the threat of online fraud and hacking, the Government and companies like Gold Made Simple ® have combined to present Get Safe Online.

Spyware on computers can ask for your security number in full. If you ever see this on your computer stop! You have spyware! You immediately need to clean your computer. For expert and easy to understand advice on how to do this please go to and follow their guidance. Find out more >

More Information

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