Royal Mint Infographic Gold Sovereign and Gold Britannia

More and more investors are discovering the little known fact that Gold Britannia and Gold Sovereign coins are the only type of non-pension gold bullion that are totally exempt from Capital Gains Tax and VAT. But did you know that the Royal Mint is the UK's oldest manufacturer, established over 1000 years ago? have created a stunning infographic, charting the history of the Royal Mint, from 886AD; journeying through historical characters such as Henry VII and Sir Isaac Newton, to today's most tax efficient bullion coins, and including a comparison of recent bull market performances and the current market outlook. 

2013 sees the biggest changes to the Royal Mint's bullion range for years. In an exclusive video, Shane Bissett, Director of the Royal Mint, talks to about the 2013 product changes, alterations to the gold purity of the Britannia, and capital gains tax benefits of Gold Britannia and Gold Sovereign coins. You can view the video here:

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