Tax Free Gold

Protect your wealth and maximise growth with our capital gains TAX FREE gold bullion and storage

Example Original investment
at 27/12/20061
Gold value
at 23/06/20112
Capital Gains Tax Due
Gold £ 100,000 £ 301,250 £ 56,350
TAX FREE Gold £ 100,000 £ 301,250 ZERO

The CGT free coins are supplied by the Royal Mint in the form of gold Sovereigns and gold Britannias which are free of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) in the UK.


I moved my gold holdings of £680,000 from an ETF to GoldMadeSimple, to take advantage of their Capital Gains Tax free gold Sovereigns and Britannias and secure storage services. I also wanted to remove counterparty risk by holding physical gold in a known location, with the option of delivery on demand, at any time. I was very impressed with the levels of security when I inspected my gold at the independent vaults and as my gold had already increased in value by nearly 100% in the 4 years, before I moved to GoldMadeSimple, it is nice to know that any future increases will be free of capital gains tax.

FN (London)

A number of clients choose to transfer their gold holdings to GoldMadeSimple from ETF's and gold grams, in order to minimise counterparty risk, enable physical access to their gold and take advantage of capital gains tax ecempt status of sovereigns and Britannias.

Some of our clients had incurred £100,000s capital gains tax liabilities on their gold holdings, before buying CGT free gold through GoldMadeSimple.

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Discounts for Sovereigns and Britannias

We offer discounted prices for large volume orders of gold Sovereigns and gold Britannias. Our buy gold page displays discounts for packs of 10 coins and we are able to offer further discounts through our bespoke services team, for orders of £100,000 or more.

Gold Sovereigns vs ETFs

There is a growing trend in our clients deciding to transfer some funds from Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) into gold sovereigns and gold Britannias, in order to take advantage of the capital gains tax free status of these specific types of bullion coins.

Although coins generally trade at a higher margin than gold bars, many clients consider the tax benefits of sovereigns and Britannias outweigh this extra margin cost in the long term, especially if they believe that gold will continue to show the significant price increases that have been experienced over the last 10 years.

Tax Free Gold Storage

GoldMadeSimple has established a comprehensive network of wholesale suppliers, including the Royal Mint, so that clients now have easy access to large quantities at low rates, with options for delivery or secure storage and insurance in Via Mat International vaults in London and worldwide (including Germany, Switzerland, USA, Hong Kong).

Tax Free Gold HMRC Wording

The relevant extracts from the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) website are: and

CG78308 - Foreign currency: coins: legal tender
Sovereigns minted in 1837 and later years and Britannia gold coins are currency but, like all sterling currency, are exempt because of TCGA92/S21 (1)(b).

Independent Financial Advice

We are specialists in providing gold bullion products and storage services and do not give financial advice. We recommend that you contact an FSA approved financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Royal Mint:
2013 Product Changes Interview

Shane Bissett director of the Royal Mint talks to Managing Director Declan Cosgrove about the 2013 product changes, changes to the gold purity of the Britannia and capital gains tax benefits of Gold Britannia and Gold Sovereign coins.

History of The Royal Mint